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If your toes are curled up and contracted, you may suffer from a condition known as hammertoes. At Family Foot & Ankle Clinics of Wisconsin LLC, we offer you a wide variety of options to help prevent hammertoe or treat the condition and prevent it from worsening. You even have many options for surgical correction.

Learn more about hammertoe at Foot Health Facts.

Surgical Correction for Hammertoes

You may be prescribed orthotics by our podiatrists. These can correct a number of foot issues, including hammertoe. The toes will straighten and correct themselves over time. In severe cases of hammertoes, surgical treatment is the most effective way to provide you with relief. This is usually accomplished through tendon release surgery.

 Ingrown Toenails Treatment

Careful Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be painful and may prove dangerous to people with diabetes, pacemakers, or have undergone joint replacement. Since 2013, our board-certified providers have been helping people like you with recurring ingrown toenail issues or when the presence of ingrown toenails poses a greater health threat through infection.

You can often prevent ingrown toenails by trimming your nails with clippers and by cutting straight across the nail. Don’t trim the nail too short. You should also wear proper shoes. When necessary, a relatively minor surgical procedure can remedy the situation. Learn more about the causes of and treatments for ingrown toenails at Foot Health Facts.

Treatments for Toenail Problems

Treatments for Toenail Problems

Do your feet have yellow or deformed toenails? Is there fungal growth? Let our staff help you get healthier, better-looking feet. You’ll discover a variety of treatments that can help alleviate the condition, especially if it’s treated early enough.

Often toenail problems are caused by an infection, usually closely connected to athlete’s foot or other fungal infections. We’ll also check your feet to rule out other possibilities like bone spurs or injury to your toenail’s root. Once we have determined the cause of your condition, we’ll discuss your treatment options.

In many cases, simple over-the-counter treatments will work, but in others, prescription medication may be necessary to completely resolve the problem.

Hallux Limitus Treatment

Recover From Hallux Limitus

Stiffness in your big toe may be more serious than you think. Our experienced podiatrists can help discover if you have a condition called hallux limitus. If left untreated, this stiffness in your toe can worsen into a degenerative form of arthritis or even destroy the joint completely.

Normally, we’ll physically examine your foot. X-rays may also be taken to look for signs of bone spurs or joint narrowing that could be the cause of your toe stiffness. Treatments for hallux limitus range widely depending on the severity of your condition. In addition to many surgical options, you may be treated with orthotics or injections.

Bunion Deformities Treatment

Conservative Treatments for Bunion Deformities

Bunions are a painful yet common complaint of people with foot pain. Our board-certified team is here to help you find relief from your foot pain. Don’t let bunions go untreated and develop into even more painful complications like corns and bursitis; call either of our 2 offices today to schedule your appointment.

In addition to foot and toe pain, the drifting of your big toe closer to your second toe may be a sign of bunions. Other symptoms may include swelling, redness, and acute inflammation. You can learn more about bunion and bunion-related deformities at Foot Health Facts.

While we do offer a variety of surgical options, you also have more conservative treatments to consider. These include shoe modifications, padding, and orthotics.

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