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Common Summer Foot Problems & How to Avoid Them

Published on April 12th, 2021

Summertime is right around the corner, and as your local foot and ankle specialist in Racine and surrounding areas, we know how the heat can have an impact on your feet. We’ve compiled some of the most common summer foot problems in addition to some helpful tips on how to remedy them. With the right approach, you can help make this summer your healthiest yet!

Problem #1: Sunburn

We’ve spent the last 6+ months wearing thick socks and boots to keep our feet warm. Now that the sun is shining more and the temperatures are increasing, it’s easy for the tops of your feet and toes to become sunburned. In fact, many people skip putting sunscreen on this part of their bodies during the summer.

Aim to apply sunscreen any time you are wearing open-toed shoes or no shoes at all. You can use a soothing aloe vera lotion if you’ve already gotten sunburned on your feet this year.

Problem #2: Cracked Heels

More sandals and open-toed shoes mean that your feet are exposed to the elements. Cracked heels are particularly common during the summertime. If you do wear open-toed shoes often during the summer, make sure your feet are cleaned and moisturized daily to avoid cracks from developing. Heel balms are also beneficial in keeping the skin smooth and moisturized.

Problem #3: Fungal Infections

Wearing open-toed shoes or walking barefoot through public areas can result in fungal infections. This may even result from pedicures at the nail salon. Make sure to get in touch with our foot doctor in Racine if you are experiencing persistent fungal infections, as they may require treatment.

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