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Published on February 2nd, 2017

If you have suffered from an ankle injury and it is having trouble healing, it may be time to consider our ankle specialists in Southeast Wisconsin as a solution. Some ankle injuries are more severe than you initially think. It can take time to heal from an ankle injury. It can be difficult to know when that healing should have taken place or if you are just being impatient. The fact is that many ankle injuries that are written off as “just sprains” are very serious injuries that require the attention of ankle specialists in Racine WI.

The Ankle

The ankle consists of three main bones, the joint and the ligaments that connect everything together. Any one of these main components can be affected by an injury. Some of the most common ankle problems include:

  • Bone fracture
  • Sprains
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Gout

Many people believe that the worst thing they can do is to fracture one of the bones in the ankle, which can be true, but repeated sprains can be much worse to deal with. There are conditions like over pronation in your gait that can cause you to be prone to ankle rolling and sprains. A specialist can help you to understand more about the anatomy of your ankle and to help you to prevent future injuries.

The Problem

Many times, an ankle injury seems to just not be healing, but the reality is, the original injury has healed but the ankle is being re-injured. There are conditions of the ankle that can cause weakness that a specialist can address. Healing takes time and immobility, but it can be very difficult to not put any weight at all on your ankle – even when casted, in a boot or using crutches. The ankle is an integral part of the mechanics of your leg and foot and is very hard to stabilize.

A specialist can help identify the problem and take the steps to ensure it is rectified. Most doctors can share general information with you about your ankle, but a specialist can provide you with a more focused approach that can help you heal better.

If your ankle has been injured multiple times or you just want to get a more focused approach to dealing with your ankle problems, it is time to schedule an appointment with Great Lakes Foot and Ankle Center and get some answers.

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